Embedding HTML5 Gallery into RW7?

Is it possible to embed an HTML 5 photo gallery into RW7? I already use Juicebox for my galleries. Or is there a stack that would embed it?


Hi Hugh,

closest would be Gallery Stack 3 lightGallery lightbox option in combination with a Single Image Thumbnail.


Cheers, Jannis

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Hi @hsakols,

while the Gallery Stack by @instacks is already one of the best galleries for RW you can get, there are several other options you should have a look on. But you should choose it not by the final look of the gallery, but also

  1. which additional features you want or need,

  2. how much money you are ready to invest.

The cheapest solution is the already in RW built-in ‘Photo Album’ Plugin, which sometimes (depending on the theme you’re using) puts out a great image gallery. You can even enhance this with (and embed it into a Stacks Page via @import((***))) by using PlusKit and the Photo Album Beautifier Stack + Lightbox Plus Stacks by Marathia. Those Stacks can be purchased as a bundle here (big red box on the right side).

For about £10 you can get the stylish Montage 2 Stack by Doobox, a full-featured image gallery with some nice lightboxes. Additionally I should mention for its really easy to work with it, as the Stack’s Edit View - Styling is really good and intuitive.

Then there is WeaverPix, a Plugin by Chillidog Software. It also puts out a really nice looking image gallery and can be easily imported into other pages via PlusKit. A big advantage of it is a companion app for iOS (at least version 6), which gives you the possibility to upload images to your website right from your iOS device.

Next up there are the ‘High-End-Galleris’. First of all the already mentioned Gallery Stack by @instacks. Its extremely powerful, awesome in its looks and integrates with nearly everything you can think of. So if you plan to integrate a CMS in your Site, Gallery Stack will be the best friend you can have (I beliefe the only RW-CMS in which this Stack does not integrate yet is Dropkick…).

And finally there is the Photo Stack by Nick Cates Design. Its not just stylish as hell, it also brings some ‘Pro-Features’, a photographer like you really could need, just as batch galleries, thief protection, linked and hidden galleries and a lot more. Again this Stack also is a little bit more advanced in the Edit Mode, so working with it is really a joy.

I hope this all might help you, just think of what you want/need now and maybe later (CMS?) and how much you’re ready to spend, cause the more professional features you want, the more expensive it gets. There also could be more solutions for image galleries out there, but these are the most important I think…

If you’ve got still some questions, don’t hesitate to ask :wink:

Happy weaving,

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Thank you,. That was quite helpful.

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Thank you for the help. Yes, Gallery Stacks 3 looks very good!

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