Odd link appeared in Ruby Theme header

I’m finally finishing off a website started in RW5 and ported to RW6 using RUBY theme from Elexir.

Today, I updated it to RW7 and a blue link has appeared in the header area, just below the logo. Definitely not there in the RW6 version. Any ideas where this is coming from? Definitely linked to the Logo as on 2nd page when Logo is removed it no longer shows. Test site is at http://kikk.co.uk/impressions

It looks like your Site Logo’s alt text contains HTML - is that correct? If so, it shouldn’t.

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I haven’t added any alt text (as far as I’m aware) as this is just a temporary demo logo (as you can see it still has a watermark on it). I’ll double check. I think this theme automatically creates a link to the home page from the logo but not sure. Still odd that the problem is only in RW7 - not RW6

OK - Adam from Elexir got back very quickly - Excellent support.

The problem is that I used a font tag in the site header to enable just one word in the title to be a different colour:

In Ruby, the Title automatically provides an Alt tag for the logo. In RW6 there was no problem but now RW7 has a specific Logo ALT Tag field, if you leave that empty the problem occurs.

Adding your own Alt tag to that field over-rides the site Title being used as an Alt Tag and the problem is solved.

Happy days