Odd plugin install-- Help!

I’m trying to install AudioPlayer stacks4stacks plugin but instead of download after purchase being the ordinary one, I get a folder containing an info.plist and a Resources folder.

Anybody know how to proceed?

@willwood might know more…

@Fuellemann I’ve advised him to post here, because I’ve already given him links to my detailed install guide and evidently it’s still not working for him.

Like here, the email I received late last night was rather vague on information, regarding the procedures being followed and his exact setup, i.e. addon names, version numbers etc. That is the type of information normally needed when raising a support request.

Like any stack, you need to have the Stacks plugin installed first.

If you are seeing a “folder of bits” instead of a stack with a yellow lego block icon, that indicates either Stacks is missing or Finder has lost association with the .stack file extension. A reinstall of both Stacks and RapidWeaver can sometimes fix both.

Hopefully if more information is forthcoming, someone can help get this working. As I said to this person, it should install and function identically to the free demo version.

As a general rule of thumb, installation of stacks is a component of Stacks / RapidWeaver and not so much the individual stacks themselves.


Which version of Rapidweaver are you using Edward?

Yes, I’ve seen this happen before. You can move that folder to the Stacks folder inside the RapidWeaver Addons folder and all should work fine. But you have to know where your RapidWeaver Addons folder is located on your computer.

Or follow the steps below (click to see larger version of image):

I am assuming @edwardr 's description is a little incomplete. There should be a folder seen that says something like AudioPlayer.stack (the .stack is the important thing).

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As @Mathew said the name of the folder is the important thing. It needs to have the extension of .stack. Stacks are just “special named” folders.
Might have a look at this post

How do I find out?

Load Rapidweaver. Open the Rapidweaver menu and choose ‘About Rapidweaver’ and it’ll tell you there.


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