Odd Question - ‘Embed URL’ Title in TotalCMS Admin

Hi all. An odd question but I’ve had a request to change the title “Embed URL back to the original option of website link” in a TotalCMS admin.

I can see where this happens but hadn’t noticed a change in that which presumably happened in an update?

Any ideas if there’s a way to change that text just to keep them happy?


Please explain, or add a screen shot with more detail.
Are you referring to placeholder text in a field? That can be changed per field.

Hi - sorry, of course. Just uploaded a screen grab. It’s a crazy request I know but clients can be odd and I thought while I had some downtime I’d see if there was a way to sort it.

Change the setting in the Admin Core stack. Disable “Embedly” and enable “Link”.



That’s awesome! Thanks for that! I’d have never have found it.


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