Total CMS Text box place holder

I know you can change the placeholder text but can you make it a list rather than just one line so it might look like:

Include your name
your email address
your website url

etc. ?

I am not sure if this is possible. I will play around with it. If it is possible, I can sneak it into the next update.

If you are using Blog, the text fields support having an default template for content. This does support multiline for sure.

Hi Dave. I was waiting for joes response as I was curious after reading your post. It sounds like you have a strategy with your text field and a specific need to have the multi line placeholder text. However I can’t resist the urge to point out that those fields you list might be best as separate cms text fields. One can easily re-join (concatenate) the fields back together if needed to produce an individual block of text that contains them all. I have no idea of your specific needs of course, but imho having the data split into individual fields may be a structure to consider. Regardless best of luck with your total cms project.

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Very good point Dan!

Thank you both and I agree, sadly my client does not! They just want a simple box where they can enter their details with guidance from the placeholder.

So is this possible? Thanks

Perhaps do away with the placeholder text altogether? Then perhaps add the text you need/instructions above (or around) the text container. Or one could do the above (ie add instructions elsewhere), and just have the placeholder text say “enter text here.”

Yes, one possibility? Maybe if multiple lines are not possible can you add a hover text with the list over the cms text box?

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