Odd symbols at top of preview page ~ " /> and no images 1- 30

Back again having installed the update to RW 7.1.5. I cannot access any of the header images. They are numbered from 1 ~ 30. The only image available to me for my header from master styles is number 18… this image is the one that came with the Mirage RapidWeaver theme which I purchased from seyDesign.

As to the symbol that has now appeared at the top left of the preview pages…

" />

I have no idea other than it appears to be the closing of some HTML tag to my untrained eye. It may be my own installation or my stupidity but I am beginning to feel as if this version of RapidWeaver is not entirely ready for prime time. Every time I look, I see ‘features’ which do not fill me with confidence. I am no web expert but I have been a user of Apple computers since 1998 and started I using a Mac then with MacOS 8.6.

I would hope that someone at Realmac will take pity on me and try to resolve what appear to be an ever increasing number of issues. e-mail copying this post sent to Realmac support