Off Topic, Sierra installer

(Tom Murray) #1

Does anyone know where to download a 10.12 installer (not High Sierra ) to update a 10.11 Mac?
It is not in “Purchased” as I never installed it.


(Doug Bennett) #2

Might try this (10.12.6):

(Tom Murray) #3

That is the .6 update. That and the 10.12 combo download require 10.12 already installed.

(Doug Bennett) #4

Try this link:
Got this from:

(Tom Murray) #5

Thanks but the package doesn’t open. I read that long thread and another and someone was going to try to make the installer available for download. So I will watch that thread.

(Doug Bennett) #6

Seems like a issue for others, could try the hackintosh way

(Rob D) #7

Is Hackintosh to be trusted? How to make sure that their OS installers are not modified in any way?

(Tom Murray) #8

My impression from their deliberately confusing website is that the installers are intended for installing Mac OS on windows machines.

(Doug Bennett) #9

I know some people use them to build their own Mac’s, not just windows. @dan, or @BrandonCorlett, would be better to answer, Dan did a RapidWeaver show, don’t know if this is what they used:

(Tom Murray) #10

Thank you for the suggestions. I person from the macrumors thread linked above made the Sierra installer available to me.

(Doug Bennett) #11

Glad you got it, don’t know why Apple no longer makes them easy to get.