Offsite pages and exporting/publishing problem (RW 8.1.x)

This is something new for me and I’m not sure how to deal with it.

I have my main project split into 6 separate sub-projects. Navigation between them is accomplished with offsite pages (with redirects). All other pages are strictly Stacks-based and all sub-projects are made with Foundation. This scenario has been working perfectly until/including RW version 8.0.3.

I haven’t changed anything about offsite pages since the “good times”—and yet—in all iterations of 8.1.x I can not publish or export locally, unless I mark offsite pages as ‘draft’. If I do that, exporting happens normally. If I don’t, exporting starts normally and then the little export-window just vanishes while processing offsite pages, without giving me any clue.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

P.S. This happens with all projects that include offsite pages.

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I got some additional finding that may help diagnose the problem.

If I enable offsite pages, save, quit and duplicate the project and then open the copy, that copy of my project exports normally—but only once. If I try it again, the original problem returns.

...scratching my head...

I’m not sure I follow the whole offsite logic so this may be of no use to you…

I build large sites broken into multiple projects all of the time.

Assuming each page is in a folder, I just put a dummy page in the main site and give it a file to publish (dummy.php) that gets it into the nav.

In the second project I publish to the same folder index.php this is the page that actually loads.

Hi, @swilliam, your method sounds simple, but I’d love to see a more detailed explanation—either within forum, or as a Private Message. Thanks…

Anyway, my original problem still needs a solution. It looks to me like a bug in recent versions of RW.

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