OK this is a RANT

Is it only me?

I am going insane

Already this week and its only Tuesday … I go to send in a help request or ask a question to various online vendors.

I write it all out

I hit submit

Then im asked to check all the pictures that involve a bus


All the bikes

All the traffic lights

Xbra crossings

Shop fronts

I cant take it any more!

I litterally go through about 50 tests!

Does a traffic light mean the lights part or all the metal parts of the post … or does it even matter …

Are there bikes behind bushes that I cant see … so I fail ?

For anyone with these captcha tests … I for one often end up leaving after 10 mins.


Are you on a VPN? That happens a lot if you are.

RE: I’m going insane."

Insanity is starting to rule… Last time I flew I was in emergency exit row and like always a flight attendant asks if I’m aware I’m in EX row and can I perform duties… etc… I reply YES.

She then says: “If we landed and you saw fish swimming by the window would you open the emergency exit.?”

I looked at her like… “Is this a joke?” She read my face and said “I am quite serious sir.” And she repeated the question. Now, I know what she is getting at: “Don’t open the door unless instructed if we have a water landing.” But really… “If I see fish swimming by?” I mean, what if I know we are going under water but I don’t happen to see a fish at the moment.? Does a dolphin count? An octopus?

Then there was a second question: “If you saw fire outside your window would you open…” Again, I know she was saying “Don’t open the door to a raging fire.” But I wanted to answer: “Well, if the cabin here is in an inferno and I’m going to die in here… yes… I’ll take my chances on a possibly smaller fire outside!” But I didn’t want trouble so I meekly replied with the “proper” answer.

Insanity rules…

I suppose next flight the attendent will hand me an ipad and I’ll get a captcha test where I click the pictures where I’m NOT to open the emergency exit.

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Hi No not on VPN
It seems to have really escalated in the last month.
For example yesterday I was going to create a quick demo in cartloom for a client.
I litterally couldnt …it went on for 10 mintes and I gave up.

That really made me laugh.
Im definately too insane to sit in ther exit row next trip.

I’ve had similar problems logging into my host with Captcha with Safari. Their stoplight images, in particular, drive me NUTS for the reasons you mentioned. Even when the Captcha image is clear, I often get stuck in an endless cycle. Now, to log into my hosting company, I use Firefox.

LOL that was really funny :slight_smile: