OK this is a RANT

Is it only me?

I am going insane

Already this week and its only Tuesday … I go to send in a help request or ask a question to various online vendors.

I write it all out

I hit submit

Then im asked to check all the pictures that involve a bus


All the bikes

All the traffic lights

Xbra crossings

Shop fronts

I cant take it any more!

I litterally go through about 50 tests!

Does a traffic light mean the lights part or all the metal parts of the post … or does it even matter …

Are there bikes behind bushes that I cant see … so I fail ?

For anyone with these captcha tests … I for one often end up leaving after 10 mins.


Are you on a VPN? That happens a lot if you are.

RE: I’m going insane."

Insanity is starting to rule… Last time I flew I was in emergency exit row and like always a flight attendant asks if I’m aware I’m in EX row and can I perform duties… etc… I reply YES.

She then says: "If we landed and you saw fish swimming by the window would you open the emergency exit.?"

I looked at her like… “Is this a joke?” She read my face and said “I am quite serious sir.” And she repeated the question. Now, I know what she is getting at: “Don’t open the door unless instructed if we have a water landing.” But really… “If I see fish swimming by?” I mean, what if I know we are going under water but I don’t happen to see a fish at the moment.? Does a dolphin count? An octopus?

Then there was a second question: “If you saw fire outside your window would you open…” Again, I know she was saying “Don’t open the door to a raging fire.” But I wanted to answer: “Well, if the cabin here is in an inferno and I’m going to die in here… yes… I’ll take my chances on a possibly smaller fire outside!” But I didn’t want trouble so I meekly replied with the “proper” answer.

Insanity rules…

I suppose next flight the attendent will hand me an ipad and I’ll get a captcha test where I click the pictures where I’m NOT to open the emergency exit.

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Hi No not on VPN
It seems to have really escalated in the last month.
For example yesterday I was going to create a quick demo in cartloom for a client.
I litterally couldnt …it went on for 10 mintes and I gave up.

That really made me laugh.
Im definately too insane to sit in ther exit row next trip.