How Do I Download My Website via RapidWeaver?

Well, it has been a few years since I last used RapidWeaver (version 5) to build my website. Since then…my Mac OS computer had to be replaced as that hard drive crashed and over all…it was just an old Mac.

Now, I no longer have the source files and this latest RapidWeaver, as of December 2018’s downloaded (version 8) purchase, has got me ever so scratching my head on what the heck did I get myself into with this latest release! Extremely confusing to an already confused website builder to begin with.

What I’d like to do…is download my entire website, that was previously built a few years ago with RW, and then update some coding that links out to other urls.

I have successfully setup the FTP connection through RW, but am so confused on how now to download the entire contents of my previously designed RW website from the server. Then, once I do get my website downloaded…I don’t know how I’ll work with it seeing how all of the previous RW files I no longer have as that previous hard drive is dead. Once I have the website downloaded, I’d like to freshen up the design and update the links and upload the site once again.

Appreciate any help.

If you lost the original RW5 project file then afraid you’ll have to start again. Unfortunately you cannot download the website you built previously and update it that way. You can get things like images, video or audio files but not the site layouts etc.

May not be a bad thing as you can update to a current theme that will likely be responsive, easier to use, and probably more easily found by search engines.


You could start by copying and pasting areas of text into your new project. At least it saves a lot of typing! You can use an FTP program to download the images. When you are finished, you can use RW to save a copy of the new project file to your webserver so that you’re never in the same position again.


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