Online shop for RW5

Hi everyone,
I saw some pretty interesting online shop solutions for RW (RapidCart Pro) but this needs RW6. Is there a similar product for RW5 because for several reasons I don’t want to upgrade to 6 (the main one being the fact that I changed the CSS of several of the existing themes).
I’m looking for a good and extended solution to integrate a shop in a RW5 project.

RapidCart 3 runs on RapidWeaver 5+.

On the other side, I’d dare to ask why you don’t want upgrade to RapidWeaver 6. It’s a solid product now and offers tons of enhancement and new features when compared to 5.

Thanks Gibo,
I’m sure RW6 is a solid product. It’s just that I changes so much in the CSS of several themes that when I run an update, these themes return to the original CSS and I have to change everything back for several websites (it was the case with my last update, I might check out if an update is possible without having to get rid of the RW5).
I’ll check out the RapidCart 3.
Thanks for the advice.