Online video lessons for pay

I have a ballroom dance business and have a rapidweaver site. I want to offer video dance lessons or online videos for pay, what would i need to accomplish this?
As far as plugins and stacks to take money(currently I use square), send a private link to a video lesson, and such

not much to go on there, but if you want it to be a membership/subscription type of thing, Check out Sitelok
Joe Workman makes a set of stacks that make integrating it a breeze as well.

I guess I want to create a commerce page on my existing website. what I want to accomplish is I want to make a wedding dance first dance choreography video and sell them for say 29.95 for access to the video, but want only them to access to the video. I can make the video, but not sure how to put video on the page and charge to allow access. I will check out Joe Workeman’s site too Thanks

Sitelok (and the stripe or paypal plug in (FREE)) will allow you to do just that.

Only members can see the content, to join uset the sitelok payment plug in. set a membership expiration/renewal etc, etc.

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Thanks will check it out

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