Only yearly archives in Armadillo blog?

Hello fellow-weavers,

I have (re-)built a new website with Source and included an Armadillo blog so that the client can addl himself blog posts and images. The former website’s blog went back 10 years and I have added the posts all back in.

Now, the blog lists archived material every month (or not at all). Over ten years means - 120 months listed in the sidepane of each blog. That seems a bit long to me. And below are the tags…

How could I add a CSS so that only the archives of each calendar year would be shown? Is that possible?

Thanks for you help.

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I have this question too!

That’s technically not a CSS type of thing.

CSS can style the archive listings but it’s not really easy to try and change content.

This would probably be best put to @nimblehost

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As @teefers mentions this isn’t something that can be controlled via CSS - the PHP code that generates the archive links would need to be adjusted, and tweaks also made to the code responsible for retrieving a list of posts for the specified year.

I can see how this would be useful so I’ve added it to the feature request list. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, Jonathan, for putting this on the features request list. I hope you will be able to find time to implement that…

And many thanks for looking at the issue of the language selection menu in Armadillo (as we do with PM). I appreciate that.