Safari doesn't want to go to "new windows"

when establishing a link and specifying “open in new window”, it works in “firefox” and “chrome” but not in “safari”. any ideas?
cheers, tomas

ps: and totally unrelated: ftp publishing still need ma old friend “forklift”… rw 6 does it - every now and then, so i just returned to my routine from rw 5 :frowning:

I’m having the same problem but also in Chrome - not just in Safari

Follow-up. Same problem in Firefox, as well. All links marked “open in new window,” but all open in same window.

Working fine for me on my iMac running Safari, however.


If “open in New Window” are not working for you:

  1. Do you have a setting enabled in your browser where it deliberately prevents new pages opening in a new window?
  2. If not, a web address would be great so we can test it too and see what’s going on.

I find that on some projects…the “open in new window” just doesn’t work…and my only solution is to edit the html file and do a search and replace the rel=external with target="_new"…this always works and I wish RW would allow me to just change the default to this…I know it is old code…but it works.

Which themes are you using?

Several from Hink and others.

Contact the developer - it’s likely that the theme is missing the Javascript that makes this all work.


I will give that a try…some developers are good about things like that…others…well…not very cooperative!!!

I just had that problem yesterday with a simple one-page Foundation site I had just published. Had been telling links to open in new window for years and always worked fine, but all of a sudden would not work, not in Chrome, not in Safari. Vexing. This morning, I came back to it and told Rapidweaver to “republish all files”. After it did that, the links opened in new windows just fine. So, apparently, the problem was some corrupted code on the server.