Opening existing .html file

(GerryKiely) #1

I have a website saved on my MAC desktop. I cannot seem to open the .html files. Any help would;d be greatly appreciated.

(Lisa Sandler) #2

You need to open the RW file.

(GerryKiely) #3

when I go open file… select my flashdrive I can see the .html files but they are greyed out

(David) #4

RW will not open html files. You can paste the html code into a html page in RW, but you’ll probably want to re-create the page in RW with a styled text or other type of RW page.

(GerryKiely) #5

Recreating the page maybe my only option…

(Lisa Sandler) #6

If you don’t have a RW file, yes.

(Greg Schneck) #7

Why do you want to open the html files? If you are thinking RW will open them… no. RW only opens RW Project files. The Project files create html and php pages from them but you cannot open the html or php back into RW.

If you have html code you want to see you can open the html/php in Text Edit and view it as a text file. If you are going to be working in html I suggest a text editor specifically for that such as TextWrangler or BBedit.