Opening .html in RW8

Have right clicked on older RW7 index.html - tell Imac to open in RW8. Nothing.
Open RW8 open Site folder cannot open any of the .html files made in RW7. What am I doing incorrectly?

You have to open the RW project file. In RW 7 it has the .rw extension.


No such thing in the folder. I probably didn’t save things correctly when I first built the site in RW7. I have index.html, etc. but no *.rw.

RW will not open .html files, only Project files. Try doing a search in Spotlight for any document with an .rw extension, or perhaps you have a back-up in Time Machine? Or if you had the back-up option turned on in RW7 there may be a copy of the Project File on your server.

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Searched for any .rw files in Spotlight - zip. Site is really basic so I can redesign and re-upload. Was hoping to be able to open what I’ve done. Like I said - probably screwed things up when I first started. I was a Dreamweaver person so saved things as .html. Much thanks for the help.

Opened RW7 and found the .rw files. I’ll see where they’re sitting and go from there.

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Glad you found files… Just to explain a little further… It sounds like perhaps the html files you found were a result of a “local” publish. Once you have your RW project file open and made your changes you can upload to website but you can also publish the files to a local folder. But that is in case you want to upload the files to your web server with an ftp app. The html and php files are basically of no value to RW itself. So always know where your PROJECT file is. The project file is the one used by RW. Hope that helps…

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