Opening Hours stack...can't get it to display anything

Hi all,

I’m struggling to get Doobox Opening Hours @Doobox to work or in fact display anything once the website is republished and in Preview mode I get a REQUEST_DENIED error message. See screenshots.

I’ve got my Google API and it is set for both Geo Location and Time Zone. I’ve had the geo location API for quite a while and have used it on a number of websites…all working just fine.

I’ve just purchased the Opening Hours stack and using for the first time, so added the Time Zone API to my google console and that seems ok…got a little green tick on the Google console for Time Zone API…see screenshot below.

API key for Time Zone and Location is the same…not sure if that makes a difference??

Map2 stack is working and displaying the google map fine.

Please see screenshots of my RW page and also Google Console page.

This is the test site with the Opening Hours stack and also Maps2 as you can see google map is working fine but absolutely nothing is being displayed for the hours.

If anyone has a suggestion on where I’m going wrong it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

The key you are using… Is it the same key you are using for the map on that same page? or a different key?

Hi all,

This is now solved thanks to Gary at Doobox.

Just in case anybody else has an issue with setup for this stack, this is what us now required…Gary wasn’t sure if Google had changed some of these requirements as he didn’t have it in his setup instructions.

To make Opening Hours work you have to enable Google API’s for both Time Zone and Geo Location plus you have to give Google your credit card details and enable billing for your Google Cloud API’s Services.

Not particularly happy that I’m giving Google my card number but without it Opening Hours doesn’t work. I don’t think charges will apply to the use of the stack unless you’re getting thousands of hits a day…well that was my reading of it.

Cheers Scott

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