Opening project where you last left it. Optional?

Is it at all possible to entirely disable or have the option to ignore the feature that makes the project reopen where you last left it?

Most of the time the last opened state is in preview and more often than not I don’t want to start there, so I have to sit and wait for the preview to be generated before moving to the page I want.

I do understand that in some circumstances this feature may be useful for some but I just find it a big hindrance to my workflow, so would like to disable it.

Thank you.


+1 for this, as James says I understand why it could be useful but only if you’re opening a project an hour or so after you closed it, If I’m returning to a project a week/month/year after I last looked at it its meaningless and to be honest a pain in the ass.

wow! I didn’t realise it would restore a preview state!! … thats just nasty

A RW pref to turn on/off the feature is required.


I suppose one could make a habit of always closing in edit view.

One could. But should one have too?

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