RW starts existing project with a blanc edit space

After launching RW 8 and opening an existing project, I get the stacks library, but furthermore only a blanc space, in stead of the edit or the preview mode. Only clicking on edit mode or preview mode will reveal the project I asked for. Not a big deal, but I think it is strange. Not the way RW 8 should start. Anyone an idea?

You likely saved your project file while in Preview Mode. RW restarts in the mode you were using last — Edit or Preview. I find sometimes the page will display blank if the app opens a project that was saved last during Preview Mode. I can’t readily repeat it but maybe it is something you can recreate regularly. If so you might get with @dan and @isaiah and see if they can assist in hunting down the bug.

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I see this quite often as well and try to avoid saving in preview mode. Otherwise, as you say, switching between modes and sometimes pages kick starts it again.

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Thanks Adam and Greg! After a few times testing, RW indeed started in the edit mode, when I saved RW the last time with the edit mode on screen. Something to remind every time.
Case closed, I think!

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