Operating systems supported by Rapid2Weaver

I have an older Mac running 10.68. Now I discovered that I cannot open the file to work on my site. Is there older versions available for download? I am not sure how more advanced an OS my laptop can run. I have sent multiple emails to Rapid Weaver asking for help, and I have not had one response back.
Where can I find out what I can do to access my website made with Rapid Weaver.

You can download nearly every previous version of RapidWeaver from their release notes page.

Hi Michael,

I’m still running OS 10.13.6 which is even older than yours. All of my RW projects are running as smoothly as ever. I have all of the latest versions of the different stacks I use, my RW version is 8.9.3.
It may be you have something different going on. Did you update RW and the stacks you are running?


He mentioned running 10.6.8 (aka Snow Leopard), which is considerably older.

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You can see that Snow Leopard looks like it’s an RW5 era OS.

You mentioned you are unable to open your project. What version of RapidWeaver are you using and what happens when you try and open it.

Have you tried to restore a backup copy of your project?

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