Is RapidWeaver 8.1.7 now compatible with OSX 10.11.6?

I received an email today that RapidWeaver 8.1.7 is now available on the MacAppStore. The product description states it’s “Compatible with OS X 10.11 or later.”

At The Best Mac Website Builder - RapidWeaver Classic it states, “RapidWeaver 8 Requires Mac OS X 10.12 or newer.”


  1. What’s the difference between the MAS version of RW 8.1.7 and the version of RW 8.1.7 bought directly from

  2. My hardware can’t be updated past OSX 10.11.6. I bought RW 8 because when released RealMac stated it was compatible with 10.11.6, but I’ve not updated past 8.0.3 because of the perpetual problems with each successive update and concern that 10.11.6 isn’t actually compatible.

If the MAS version of RW 8.1.7 is actually compatible with 10.11.6, can I now receive a MAS credit for the MAS version?

  1. Or is even the direct version of RW 8.1.7 now actually compatible with 10.11.6?

Please advise.




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I actually have the same question. I can upgrade past 10.11 but I want to hold off for a couple of months when some projects end. I would upgrade to RW8, but not if it won’t run on 10.11.

We certainly didn’t intend to cause any confusion by this. That App Store section shows what RW8 was tested on and is compatible with. We always recommend running the latest version of MacOS (usually), especially since RapidWeaver 8 was developed on more recent versions of MacOS.

That said, we have a handful of users who run dozens of sites with RW8 on 10.11 and have no issues. Think of it as “it works with 10.11”, but “10.12 is recommended”. That’s all. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification!

That’s different from “Requires 10.12 or newer.”

How can I revert back to 8.0.3 if 8.1.7 causes more problems than it solves?

Can you send me direct links to both versions?

Agreed, that could be reworded. Made note of that :slight_smile:

You can download any version of RapidWeaver from our versions page:

We don’t recommend opening a project file in a newer version, then opening it again in an older version.

Most reports are saying 8.1.7 is solving their problems - can you shoot me an email with some specifics on the issues you’re encountering? Happy to take a closer look for you.


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