Orbit Slider Images Not Centering

Can anyone tell me why these images in my Foundation Orbit Slider are not centering? I’ve tried everything imaginable for hours. Here is a link to my site and a screenshot of my project.https://weddingphotoct.com

Are you sure it Isn’t centered? And it’s not your image?
I suspect your image lacks symmetry. It’s centered as far as the stack is concerned :wink:
I think.

It’s centred for me on Chrome. Looks good.

Thanks for responding. I managed to totally swap out the images and re-create it so that it’s now centered. I know the three devices themselves are not centered, that wasn’t the issue. Before I fixed it, the images were waaay to the left. As if I selected Align left. I still have no idea why it was doing that. I suspect it has something to do with a bunch of new stacks I recently installed. They’ve caused havoc.

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