Orbit slider broken in 7.2

JFI - Latest beta 7.2 has broken my Orbit slider, working fine till beta update, reverted to 7.1.7 and a daily backup and now it’s working again - will try to find problem.

Thanks for info, probably something my end but it makes it difficult to find and fix on ‘live’ site!

Quick question? Orbit by Elixirgraphics or Orbit in Joe’s Foundation?

Joe’s in a Foundation site.

Using 7.2 B1 or B2? Foundation theme at 1.7.4 and stacks at 1.7.11??

18430b / 1.7.4 / 1.7.11

All working now, rebuilt Orbit slider, publish local, upload via FTP and checked, then checked again uploading through RW and now it all works fine.