Organize and search for multiple pdfs

Hello All!

I am looking for a solution to an interesting problem. I own a small hobby magazine with over 50 yrs worth of print magazines—currently converting all to searchable Index PDFS.

I am looking for a way to create and organize (IE: By year, then by month) a “Gallery” online, which must be searchable across all the pdfs.

The solution does not need to be RapidWeaver stack, but it would be nice.

I can’t seem to find anything that can organize and search for multiple pdfs that are web-based.

Does anyone have any ideas?


You want all content within each PDF to be searchable - not just title / date for example?

Yep Needs to be full content…

You can use various stacks to organize the content.

Are the PDFs protected?

You might have a look at an external search product.

Here’s one that will build a search for pdf files. I don’t have this but have just looked at it. I think Greg(@1611mac) uses it.

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You could use Google’s “programmable search engine” for your site, Google indexes PDFs as-well, this includes even images with text in PDFs.

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RE: Zoom search engine
Yes, not for everyone but I love it and it works to perfection on a 1500 page website I maintain. It has myriads of options including ability to search pdfs. You can also setup “categories” for return results, for example, in “Store,” “Reports,” “Help,” etc etc. And there are all kinds of ways to change weightings of results and how they are styled. Very versatile but takes some time to setup and tweak due to all the different options.

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