OS 10.11 troubles

I give my apologies in advance because this is not a problem of RW. After installing OS 10.11 (fortunately not my main job disc), the system does not accept my RW SN, nor my Dropbox login or log / pass of the sites I visit regularly.

Constantly I get a message that the data entered are wrong.

I have tried without success to find some explanation, so I turn to this forum with the hope that any of you can give me some help.

Thank you

Have you tried a restart, and ensuring that your computer is set to the right time (and that time /date is set automatically)?


Yes Nik, but sill the same behavior.
In fact, I can’t log to this forum from OS 10.11.1 (wrong log/pass)


Passwords can be stored in three places, Safari/Preferences/Passwords, Keychain and iCloud account. Its possible that during the update that some passwords got out of step with one another.

Select Show Passwords in KeyChain and Safari and delete whichever entry is wrong, bounce Safari and try again.

Thanks for your kind response.

I did what you suggest, the passwords seem right. As the problem also occurs with applications like Dropbox and Mail I suspect, in my ignorance, that it has to do with how OS 10.11.1 communicates with servers to authenticate log / pass

If you have the same problem in Mail then make sure that the top option is un-checked in Mail/Preferences/Accounts, like this:

Thank you very much for your advice, I finally had to create new log / pass for each instance … ugh