'Other Tags' and 'Template'

Can anyone give examples of how to use the ‘Other Tags’ feature in Page Inspector - and also what the Template feature is for? I have searched for info on both these items without success. Many thanks!

I use SiteMap plus Get SiteMap,
“CHANGEFREQ” and “PRIORITY” generated by SiteMap Plus.
“Keywords”, i wrote in. Not necessary for Google, but for other search engines.
“robots”, i wrote in. (An old entry)
Sometimes I still use “description“, A description of what the website is about.

I hope I could help you. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks! I get it now. These ‘other tags’ override the standard tags above and are for social media only. I still don’t understand what the ‘Template’ section is for though.

I don’t use that ‘Template’ section. That’s why I don’t know.
But I’m sure there are better informed people here.

Have a look at this video about 8 or 9 minutes in.


Thanks Doug. That’s really helpful.

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