What is a template in 'Metadata'

(Bernard O'Sullivan) #1

I am using latest RW and Feather Theme

site link is. http://insideoutphoto.co.uk

What is this.

found under Inspector > Meta Data, and should it be utilised, it is currently the same on every page.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Is this what you are talking about?

You definitely should be using this. The description should be unique for each page.

(Jason Bostick) #3

If you’re referring to the actual ‘Template’ box at the bottom of Doug’s screenshot, Ben explains it in this short video - it is just a way to format how the meta tag looks in your source code:

(Bernard O'Sullivan) #4

I was talking about what if anything I should do with the Template section of meta data

(system) #5

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