Missing theme RapidCart pro4

A few days ago I purchased Rapid Cart pro4.
When I open the Demo Store.rw file I get the message: Project theme is missing with the link 'Apply theme & Open. But the theme is still missing.
According to the people at Foreground it is a RW problem?
Does anyone recognise this. Thanks.

It looks like Demo Store project uses a theme you don’t have installed. After you click ‘Apply Theme & Open’, try to switch to another theme (different than Foundation or any other blank theme). That way, you may see some or all portions of the project. To see it all the way it was intended, you need to use same theme the developer used for this project.

Thank you Rob,
I added, at random, the theme ‘Allegro’ and could see the page now in preview.
My question at Foreground, the develooper, is: Why is the theme not avalailable on your site, or at Realmacsoftware?

Good luck with that, they haven’t answered a question in months.

RW is sold with a decent variety of themes – to get you started. Those themes are pretty limited in their scope of features, though. That’s why developers sometimes choose a different theme which can fully demonstrate all the features of their product.

I don’t use Rapid Cart Pro, so I don’t know what theme was used for the Demo Store project. You may want to ask the developer (ForeGround).

In most cases, you do not have to use the same theme, but you should choose your theme wisely, to take care of required functionality. Some theme developers (for example: ThemeFlood) let you download a demo version which you can try before you buy). ThemeFlood is one of the best places to buy a theme, as is Stacks4Stacks (its sister site) for buying Stacks, because both have demo versions for their products and both provide unbeatable tech support.

I confirm that RapidCart Pro Demo Store project included in RapidCart Pro installation DMG uses Realmac Software “Official” premium theme.
The error message appears even if the theme is correctly installed in RapidWeaver 7 and “Apply Theme & Open” does nothing.
We are in contact with Realmac Software to fix the problem.
In the meantime, you can download the Sample Store project that uses a free theme bundled with RapidWeaver.


If you drag the project outside the installation DMG and drop it to your desktop, you’ll be able to open it.
RapidWeaver 7 can’t open and convert .rw6 projects if they are inside a read-only DMG.

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