OUTLINE theme and theme support

(Britta Szymczak) #1

I’m using the OUTLINE theme from Henk Vrieselaar and love the elegant design, the built-in font and the theme’s different concept of using the site space. I want to especially share my experience of Henk’s customer support which has been outstanding: he always responds promptly in a very thorough, patient and friendly way to my (many!) questions about customizing the theme and even responded to issues unrelated to the theme. Leaves me very grateful for a beautiful theme and consistent support and if I ever need a new theme, I’ll stick with HV :smile:

(Rob D) #2

Hi, @Britta,
I also use the OUTLINE and love it, as well. I own few themes from Henk and all of them are beautifully designed, unique and functional. My experience with his support is also outstanding.
Cheers! :hand: