Retract theme from Henk Vrieselaar

Just finished my renewed site with the Retract theme of Henk Vrieselaar. Works fine with great options for the banner area through EC6. And the support that Henk is giving is just good!! You can see the result here.
With a nice language switch RWML of


Very simple, nice looking and efficient website. Congratulations.

I’ve always been a fan of Henk’s themes. One question, though: how do you switch languages? I couldn’t see any visual clue for that…

Tanks Rob, the switching is in the menu.

I see it now. If I may suggest, I would add little flags corresponding to the available languages – which would give a hint to someone, like me, who can not read a foreign language of the page he/she lands on for the first time…

I’m a great fan of Henk’s themes. I just love the static grid effect above the background pictures.