Overwriting an image locally results in multiple copies in the Resources

Hi, I haven’t been around for a long time but now it’s time for me to make a new site in RW8 and I found this issue with the Resources:

I made a logo in Sketch and saved it locally as a png, dragged it into the Site logo dropzone in the General settings. Then I made some changes to the logo and overwrote the file locally, again dragged it (the new version with the same file name) into the Site logo dropzone. And then I did it all over again. Now I have one png file locally but three files in the resources. I guess this is how it’s supposed to work, but boy does it hurt my OCD for having everything nice and tidy. Maybe @dan and the team can make the old versions disappear from the Resources magically?

(Edit: Yes, I know the resources are also saved locally in the RW8 package, but I think you get what I mean.)



Hi Leif,

Habe you a screenshot of the different resulting files you mentioned?

Cheers, Jannis
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Hi Jannis,

I replicated the issue with a new project.

First I made the yellow logo in Sketch and saved it as a png in a folder, dragged it to the Site logo dropzone in the General settings. Changed the color to red in Sketch and overwrote the png file in my folder, and dragged the new version to the Site logo dropzone. Lastly I changed the color to green and replaced the logo in the dropzone again. In my folder I only have the last version since I have used the same file name, in Resources I have all three versions. That’s probably how it’s supposed to work but I would like to have only the last version in the Resources.

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