Page inspector tutorial

i am trying to improve my rapid weaver site with better browser title and metatags.

the RW site says: "We have a Page Inspector video tutorial that shows you how to customise the file and folder names in RapidWeaver.:

but the link [Page Inspector video tutorial] just goes to this page :

but there is nothing specific here about it. at least not the videos that are shown on the page

???- IS THE LINK supposed to suggest that one has to purchase the rapid weaver SEO course, because if it is, it is POORLY describes as such.

it would seem that the first link: would take one to a (free) short video


Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see that on the page?

I think they used to have a video on Safari Web inspector, but it was quite a while ago and I don’t see it.

There are a ton of videos on youtube just search for “Safari Web inspector”.

You will find more for “chrome dev tools” or “firefox developer tools”, these are more popular.

Keep in mind that developer tools get updated quite often.

hi doug,
i found it at:

would you recommend the “chrome dev tools” or “firefox developer tools” OR the rapid weaver SEO course

keep in mind, i know enough to be dangerous about this stuff (this is not my primary line of work)


They all do the same basic thing.
Chrome is by far the most popular browser. The DevTools work the same on all Chromium browsers (Google Chrome, The new MS Edge, Opera, Brave, etc.). Google has a free Google Chrome Developers channel on YouTube. It is really more for developers but has a lot of good current videos.

Firefox is excellent as well. If you want to develop with the latest CSS - CSS grid it is my first choice for that.

Safari is probably least used, so there is less training available. It works well, and the advantage here is the Safari Web inspector is built right into RapidWeaver preview and Simulator.

So I guess my answer is if you want to learn one for RW then Safari would work. If you want to get into hardcore development like JavaScript then Chrome or Firefox would be better.

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Have a look through these videos… I just did a search for inspector on my channel. I think that there are more videos.

There is also this talk that I did at my WS Summit…

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