Page looks right in preview after updating, but once uploaded the changes are not showing up

I am using RW 7 with Stacks 3. This particular project, I am using Foundation.

I made changes to one of my pages by switching some stacks around and added a new page as well to my site.

The site previews correctly, however, when I upload it to the server, only one page reverts back to the way it was prior to making the edits.

I have deleted the site off the server and re-uploaded it and the same thing happens. I have saved my project and the files. I closed out of RW and re-opened the project. The new edits are there, but when I upload, this one page doesn’t show the new changes.

If anyone could help, that would be great.

Thank you,

Try deleting the browser cache.

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Thanks! that took care of it.

I didn’t think it was the cache because all the other changes were coming through, it was just that one page that wouldn’t change.

Now I know and knowing is half the battle!