Page safe not working

Hello, Thanks to everyone who tried to help me with Page safe. This stack simply would not work at Siteground hosting. I moved the entire website to inMotion hosting and it seems to work now.

I wish it had continued to work at Siteground, but Siteground wouldn’t help me figure it out. It seems to have been some sort of PhP conflict but I couldn’t resolve it no matter what. We have active customers for the webinars so I had to do something quick.


Do you know what version of PHP they are using?

They say they are using 8.1.0 I tried setting the PhP manually to other versions. Sometimes if I set it to 7.2.4 it would work for 24 hours or so and then stop working. It was really Fubar.

I would contact @joeworkman

PHP can be configured quite differently from hosting company to hosting company.

PHP also by default, doesn’t give errors out to the browser for security reasons and is often configured not to log them to an error log. It can also be setup to not log errors at all.

So unless you still have access to the old hosting company and want to spend some time debugging this I’m not sure how much help Joe could be.

You would need to find out from the host if PHP errors are getting logged and where they log them to. If not they’ll need to tell you how you can turn logging on.

Logging options and configuration settings are done globally in what’s called The PHP.ini file. In shared hosting environments, they often have a way to override these settings for each domain.

One of the many advantages of a VPS environment is the ability and ease to make these kinds of changes to your environment.

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