Page will Preview but not Serve in Browser. FormSnap issue?

I can preview, but pages load empty in a browser. This occurred after I updated FormSnap which I found on a thread here needs to the update to fix a Google Sheets problem. I used the update from RW not the file on the August thread about FormSnap.

It is the same for the Contact page which uses FormSnap and these two Nucleus Hive Reservation | RJ Honey Farm and Here’s the page: Nucleus Hive Wait List | RJ Honey Farm

FormSnap stack says 3.07.

Duplicated the page and deleted all elements off and added them back one at a time. Broke when FormSnap was added.

As far as I can tell, all other pages on the site work fine.

Is it possible you have both .html & php on the server…just a guess.
I would have to see a project file.

Easy enough to check and no at least on the contact form there is no html.

Looks like you are using the Depth theme. Might try a different theme (Depth is no longer supported).

Thanks for the reply. Help this beekeeper who does the web site, too.

I see some pages with a filename index.php and others have index.html.

Had been working fine. I was updating the site for the 2022 season and noticed Google Sheets wasn’t working. Found that something changed and FormSnap needed an update which I did. Then the FormSnap pages went blank.

Here’s a cap if that’s any help.

Yeah, I know that sad story. :roll_eyes:

That would be a major undertaking for which I don’t have the time or energy. My wife has Alzheimer’s so I am trying to keep life as simple as possible now.

The index.php file is only loading the first 72 lines of page to the browser. Not even into the body:

That’s going to make it hard for you to get help on the forum. We don’t have access to what’s in the PHP file. We only see what’s being sent to the browser.

I wasn’t suggesting that you redo the entire site with another theme only the contact form to see if it’s an issue with Depth or something else.

Other than that you would need to check PHP error logs (you might have to enable them). You could also contact @yabdab’s support.

I don’t have formsnap but I can’t tell what update you have. Might want to give a version number.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I updated the original post with the FormSnap version.

I have the debug menu enabled in Safari. Couldn’t find where to enable php error logs. Would this be an issue on the Chili Dog hosting service?

PHP is a server side language. Nothing gets sent to the browser other than what PHP sends. So if you have an issue like this, the debugging has to be done at the server.

Per your suggestion, I redid the page. Added that info to original post.


I would just try to change the theme for one of the FormSnap pages and see if it’s an issue with compatible with depth and FormSnap.

Other than that you’ll need to contact your hosting company to find out about turning on php error logging and the location of the log files and contact @yabdab for support.

I contacted Chilidog. Greg suggested upgrading php. I dug around Cpanel and did.

Bada boom! Fixed.

Thanks for your help and kudos to Chilidog helping out at 5pm on Saturday.

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I had this same problem.
It was the php version.
Needs to be at least version 7 and in some cases (different servers) 7.4.

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Yes, it’s the PHP version and I really dislike the sudden high minimum version requirement of PHP 7.3 - the sites on my server that use Formsnap have now become unusable, because I use PHP 7.2 and I can’t simply upgrade to 7.3 or higher.

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PHP 7.3 was released 2 years, 10 months ago.

Current version of PHP is 8.0.10

We had to up the requirement due to Google changes to their API.


That sounds more like a hosting issue than a developers problem.

PHP 7.2 is no longer supported

That’s right not even security updates are still being done for 7.2. In face active support for 7.3 ended 10 months ago with security support ending in about a month.

Hosting companies should provide an easy way to switch PHP versions. If you find it difficult to switch then it might be time to shop for a new hosting company. If you can’t switch because you have older code that isn’t compatible with the latest versions of PHP then you should be after that developer to get current.


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