Stacks page won't to into edit mode

A half dozen of the stacks pages in my site (with over two hundred stacks pages) no longer go into edit mode.

The whole bar with the library, partial, hide, lock, etc. bar is gone from them. How can I get it back, hopefully giving me some option.

The toolbar in Stacks is an integral component of the plugin – it’s built on native technology and there is no way to hide it. No content, project setting, or stack property can alter that.

Short answer: something, somewhere, is very very messed up. I’d recommend:

  • Make sure you have a very good backup of your RW files and as well as everything else.
  • Reinstall Stacks and RapidWeaver
  • Clean up your adding folder, removing all older plugins and anything you’re not currently using.
  • Try things in a fresh, new, simple project first, if that works, then move back to your big file.
  • If things only fail in your big file then something in that file is so corrupted that it’s sending Stacks completely off the rails. If that’s the case, let me know and we can see what we can do from there – perhaps cutting out the bad pages might help.


Ouch. That does not sound like fun. Will have to set aside some time.

Is there some way to figure out which add-ons are not in use? I know over the years I’ve bought some that are probably not in use any more, but I have no idea how to determine that.

Even looking at some pages, I’m not sure which add-ons I used to get the effect. And there are 219 pages in this section of the site, 201 in the second section, and I haven’t counted the other 3 sections.

@RichardLW First: it should be easy enough to figure out what stacks you are using. Or plugins. If nothing else, write them down then check against the list of stacks/addons in your relevant folder.

When you go to your addons folder in the Finder sort in columns by date. It will be immediately obvious which ones are old. As a rough estimate I’d pull out anything older than 4 years.

The problem is not the number of pages you have (although you have a lot) it’s specifically what stacks or plugins you are using. It could be across the many pages you are only using 10 different stacks and no additional plugins beyond Stacks. In that case I’d pull out all the unused stacks and plugins from your folder. I’d archive them by putting them in a newly created folder named something like “Archived RW Stuff”.

In your case this could be a very long process, or relatively simple. It’s hard to know at this point.

Ouch. That does not sound like fun. Will have to set aside some time.

If that sounds daunting, let’s give you a quick and dirty way to find out 90% of the info in about 5 minutes – less time that it will take me to write out these instructions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Download and reinstall RW. 2-minutes tops, unless you have a really slow 'net connection.
  2. Download and reinstall Stacks. 30 seconds, it’s a small zip file and installation is quick.
  3. Remove all other plugins/stacks: Drag the plugins and the Stacks folder from the addons folder to the desktop. 2-min.
  4. Open your file. RW will complain about missing plugins, but that’s OK for this test. Just go view your broken pages.

In less than 5 minutes you’ll know:

  • If the problem remains we can say for sure:
    • The problem is NOT related to RW/Stacks file-corruption or version issues since you’ll have a fresh install of the latest version.
    • The problem is NOT related to any other plugins or stacks.
    • From this point forward we should investigate file corruption, other utilities that are interfering with RW, or macOS overall.
  • If the problem is gone then we can say:
    • The problem was either RW/Stacks corruption or one of the addons you removed.
    • Returning all of your addons to the addons folder and re-testing will tell us which one it is.
    • From this point forward we should attempt to find the addon that is causing the issue. And even that will be much quicker than you think.

In other words, in about the time it takes to write a forum post you will have either solved the problem, or be well on your way to solving it.

Don’t worry. You’ve got this. Give it a go. :smiley:


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Also: It would probably be a good idea to show me a screenshot of one of the affected pages. Sometimes that bit of visual detail will give me the bit of extra detail I need to help you solve your problem. :smiley:


Thanks, I will try that on Monday, as I am on the road and patching through my telephone this weekend.

Here is a shot of one of the pages that does not work right. It goes blank for several seconds when I click on that page, instead of coming right up.

BTW, MacBook Pro, 2016, 2.9 GHz i7 with Mojave 10.14.1

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