Pages and resources tab won't open


I’m running RW 6.

A few days ago I had problems with a disappearing control panel. That problem seemed to have fixed itself, but now I can’t get the Pages and Resources tab ( ⌘ 2 ) to open. This tab is central to what RapidWeaver can do so I’d really like to get it back. Did I corrupt a preference file or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If i understand correctly it sounds like your left panel is fully closed. Hover your cursor on the very left edge of the RW window and see if you get a bar and right arrow icon. If so just drag the edge of the window to right as the arrow shows and the left panel will slide open as you do.

Could be you have source list hidden. check under view in your menu and select show source list(Opt>Command>L).

I got the bar but it wouldn’t open. It doesn’t seem to work with a trackpad and my fingers.

Later - It does work when I maximize the screen, but it’s very finicky.

This seems to work too.

Thank you.