Pages reload in Safari

Why do my pages contine to reload in Safari each time they are clicked? Is there something I need to change in RW to fix this? No problem viewing in Firefox. Click through my pages in the navigation bar while viewed in Safari and you will see what I mean.


Not sure what you’re seeing here. In Safari 8, I click on a link and go to the corresponding page.

Sorry if I’m missing what’s not working…

The pages flash as they load and each successive time they are clicked from the navigation menu. That does not happen all the time, but it never happens in Firefox.


Ah - I see what you mean. You’ll be glad to know it doesn’t happen in my setup. Good luck!

Mark, please show me your setup. What theme or themes do you use?

Hi Bruce,

I found this too in Foundation. The problem I found was down to the images I was using. What I did to “cure” the problem was click on Preload Images and then set the actual image size (width and height) of the image(s) on that particular page.

I hope this helps?



Where is the Preload Images setting?

Hi Bruce,

If you use Foundation and Stacks and add a “Foundation - Content” “Image” stack, once you have inserted an image into the stack for example a page banner, then:

Click on the image, scroll down to “Image - Sizing & Alignment”
“Click on Preload? (Recommended)” and enter the exact dimensions of the image you’re using. Resize the image in your favourite graphics program if needed.

That should be about all you need to do, unless others know better.

Having said that, this worked for me.

Good luck.

I use several Themes, Bruce. I think there is something else going on. If it’s not visible on the server for me, it may be a setting in your browser or system?