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Hi all. My site seems to have developed an issue with not loading properly unless I click refresh. Pages part load then freeze until refresh is clicked then everything loads as expected. I have tried it in Safari and Firefox. The theme is Iris by @nickcates . The site is

Useful Grid not working after publishing
(Rob Beattie) #2

Loads fine here on Chrome and Safari under Sierra. Don’t use Firefox I’m afraid, but that suggests to me it’s to do with your browser rather than the site. Which is a good thing!

(Chris Loneragan) #3

Thanks for checking. I keep getting the banner and slideshow not loading, but if it all works for you then that’s good. I’ve got the same issue on my iPhone too…

(Rob D) #4

Same here (as @robbeattie said). Safari and Sierra. All works as expected. However, in Firefox a couple of images are not loaded:

I am assuming that you are using same full size images for both thumbnails and display images. That’s what most likely causes problems with thumbs not loading properly. See if you can use separate reduced-size-images for thumbs. That should take care of the problem.

(Chris Loneragan) #5

Thanks @rovertek - those are all the images in your screenshot, but they shouldn’t look like that! For me they are in a perfect 3x2 grid. The biggest image is 240kB and the smallest is 118kB so it shouldn’t slow things down too much… The grid layout is concerning though.

(Rob Beattie) #6

I’m seeing the same thing as @Rovertek when it comes to the grid. Looking at the code it seems as though you don’t have a grid ‘slot’ in the those empty slots. I wonder if you’ve just slipped up when defining how Useful Grid is set up and/or when you dropped images in?


(Chris Loneragan) #7

There doesn’t seem to be any empty slots in the useful grid stack… It looks fine to me on Safari and Firefox, but does go a tad funny if i resize the browser window. I wonder if your window width is at a break point?

(Rob Beattie) #8

How many thumbs are there supposed to be?

(Chris Loneragan) #9

Only 6. Each one links to a blog post.

(Rob Beattie) #10

I’m getting those big old gaps I’m afraid.

I’d create a duplicate page, take everything out, put Useful Grid back in, put a text stack in the first slot, add some padding and margin and then duplicate it. Then see if that behaves as it should. If it does, add things back one at a time until it breaks. Or hopefully, doesn’t!


(Chris Loneragan) #11

Thank you @robbeattie putting a new Useful Grid stack in seems to have fixed the issues - grid layout and page hanging on loading.

(Rob Beattie) #12

Glad the suggestion helped.

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