PageSafe Expire Unit protocol

I have a question about Joe Workman’s PageSafe stack.

You can apparently set the password to expire in units of either Days, Hours or Minutes.

What this appears to do is just require you to re-enter the original password if you have been off-site for longer than the expiration unit. As a test I have this set for one minute. If I am gone for two minutes I have to re-enter the password to access the page.

Is there an option to re-scramble the password?
What I am looking for is the ability to put a time limit on how long the password itself is viable.

What i want is for the user to need a new & different password after the time period has expired.

Is there a way to do this without having to delete the old password and republish the website ?

Page Safe does not have a way to make a password invalid after a period of time.
If you are using TotalCMS, you can set the PageSafe passwords with that and not have to republish.

I have seen the acronym CMS before but don’t know what it does.

Do I need to have a special stack to affect passwords via CMS?
Does it have a steep learning curve?

CMS - Content Management System.
TotalCms is a CMS by Joeworkman at It allows users to change/add content to a website via a browser(without needing RW.)There are other CMS packages for RW as well, do a search, I’m sure plenty of threads on that topic.

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