Panorama 360 Stack Download

I purchase the Panorama 360 Stack from Yuzoolthemes but did not receive the link nor the email to download. I’ve sent 2 emails via the website support link and have not received a reply. Need help ASAP!

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I’m sure he’ll get back to you soon. He’s based out of Japan so there’s a bit of a time difference.

I’m sure you did, but double check your junk email.


No files in junk mail, I purchased on 26 November and still haven’t heard from him.

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Thanks Kevin - just checked the logs and emails to you are bouncing:

Never usually have a problem with iCloud emails as send from Gmail and Mailgun.

Just re-sent you via the forums a download link (and email again just in case it works) - please use that :slight_smile:

Thanks, the link works fine! Loaded the stacks, ran the demo, it works! I’m a happy camper now! :grin:

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Great @solomkerm - glad to hear it :slight_smile:

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