Yuzoolthemes - purchase emails

I purchased two stacks from Yuzoolthemes on 27 December 2018 and have sent 4 emails as I have still not received any emails which allow me to download the stacks I purchased.
At the time I didn’t download them at the point of purchase as I was away at a remote location but now after a couple of weeks and still no response, I am getting very frustrated. I note that this is not the first time this has happened based on other threads.

A better business model is to allow users to register and be able to download their purchases when they want rather than a limited time download window (should you get the link sent to you).

I am hoping that the 4th email will get some response.

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Thanks @martef86

The selling provider I use (Selz):

  • send out a download link email for access later
  • have an instant download link straight after purchase also

So there’s both options to purchasers.

But sometimes things can of course go wrong so I’ll resend them to you now and also DM via the forum you a download link.

I did get your mails and replied via Gmail but must be not going through / getting stopped. Can you check the Spam?

Couple things to note though Frank:

  • Selz have noted some email sending errors over that time so you might have been affected by that - as you mentioned it was talked about in other threads and that has been addressed
  • Did you check the SPAM?
  • Logs show that 1 of your orders the email bounced and the second the email bounced but the order was downloaded



I’m not sure why emails bounced towards the end of the year but Selz have assured me they have fixed it and will do their best to fix the issue for the future.

Apologies again about this but you should have received all the items right now

Thanks and have a nice weekend!


Hi Michael

I did check my spam regularly to be certain that the messages did not get diverted. I also went on line for the email accounts and there was no spam there either for both email accounts.

Given that and the fact you were able to contact me, I am not certain what the issue actual is. I do not have issues or problems receiving emails on any of my accounts from other sources.



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Thanks Frank and glad the emails are getting through now. It might have been the cold weather :fire: Lol.

But there was definitely an issue for a couple days on Selz side. So please don’t worry about it. All I can say is sorry and have reported the issues to their developers.

Thanks for checking but guess the bounce must have been triggered by the download link. The receiving email might have thought it was junk. Or, the sending ISP was blacklisted temporarily.

Either way, it seems to be back on track and delivering :crossed_fingers: