Help with Yuzool contact

(Tom) #1

I ordered Yuzool’s Booking stack from my iPad via PayPal. I got a response email with a download link, but waited until later to download to my Mac. However, the email with the download link disappeared and was no longer in my inbox (or junkmail). I can’t find a support email link on Yuzool’s site and posted my question on their support/FAQ site eight days ago … no response. I have my PayPal receipt, but seemingly no way to get to the download link. Any suggestions on another way to try to contact/get support would be appreciated.

Happy New Year, all!

(EricW) #2

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(Konstantijn Van Calster) #3

Personally, I always had good customer service from Michael, sometimes a little late, but always resolved and open to feature requests. I understand that Michael has a day job, and he lives in Japan which sometimes delays him.

(Michael Frankland) #4

Thanks @Mode - sent you a couple of mails but looks like they’re bouncing… have just sent you a DM with another download link :slight_smile:

(Tom) #5

Got it, Michael. Thanks to you for following up with your usual great service, and to the others that chimed in here with their help … much appreciated.

( ) #6