Yuzoolthemes CART where are my download link?

(eric shemtov) #1

I bought cart stacks from Yuzoolthemes site through PayPal and never got link to download the stacks.
anyone experience it before?
i didi contact them with no success. so far

(Rob Beattie) #2

If you go to the Yuzool website and sign into your account - there’s a My Account link at the top - you’ll find your downloads there. If you haven’t created an account yet, do that and make sure you use the same email address you used when you bought the Cart stack. Then you’ll be able to download the stack.


(Stuart) #3

Hi @ericshemtov

In all honesty the download link is more than likely either in your spam folder or has been blocked.

I have just checked our support system and I do not see a ticket from you about this, so I am presuming that you perhaps sent in an email or such like?

Can you please go here:

And raise a ticket. It only takes a few seconds.

Raising a ticket is really the only way that we can get visibility of your issue and deal with it quickly.


(eric shemtov) #4

I emailed, created ticket, contact you guys in all possible way. on this from is the only place i got respond.not sure what happened here but any how
here is the ticket and my order number.

Order #11670
TicketID: 264
Ticket Password: c2U1AfJtF9xxX

(Stuart) #5

Hi @ericshemtov

Thanks. I have just replied to your ticket with a direct download for the stack ( which is private and confidential so don’t post it here, please).

If you have any other issues or difficulties lets deal with them within the ticket, please, rather than this public forum.


(eric shemtov) #6

Real appericiate that
Thank you!!

(Stuart) #7

My pleasure.
I hope you enjoy the stacks!

(eric shemtov) #8

is there a way to for the buyer to add shipping address?

(Stuart) #9



Happy to answer any questions and get you going with the stack within the dialog of the ticket you have open. I did not close that ticket from earlier as I had anticipated further questions.

Can we please deal with any issues or questions you may have in the ticket as I can be much more personal and give you more specific information there.