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This stack arrives with demos and documentation that are way outdated. The stack is basically useless and a waste of my money and time. The company acknowledged that everything is outdated, but stated they are too busy with new product development to fix them. They have a no refund policy, so be careful.

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You wanted to know how you could get Yuzool’s reputation back, here is a good starter.

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Dear Sir,

We have refunded you, but to be fair, we never said everything is outdated. The demos are current, but that we did say we are working on updating the documentation for the 360 stack. For the Panorama 360 stack, there are two stacks (180 and 360) and they are clearly mentioned in the order page, along with the link to the current demos. We have responded quickly and several times within 24 hours after your purchase, but there was no specific issue mentioned other than the lack of updated documentation in trying to use the stack. We would have gladly assisted with any specific problems. Anyhow, you have been refunded. Kind regards,

Support Team at


Dear Mr. Bennett,

Thank you for the alert. We appreciate the help of the rapidweaver community. Kind regards!


Sydney Kwan,

Thank you for the refund, and thank you Mr. Bennett. I am not sure if you or the PayPal complaint fixed the problem. I did ask the company for help in the way of updated manuals…etc. Their answer was: " We are working on updating the documentation, but our staff is quite busy with upgrading stacks and releasing a new theme in the next month". Basically they said I was on my own. I then requested a refund, which was denied. They again made it my fault with" - Unfortunately, with digital goods, our refund policy is clear - We provide both the documentation and demo, and hope that if something is not clear, then the buyer would not purchase."

You only get to see the outdated docs. Once you install the stacks, you get to notice the different properties names and missing properties. Anyway I am grateful for the refund, and the help provided by this forum.

Dear Robert,

The reason we refunded is that we have had some hiccups this year, that have tarnished our reputation and we do not need any more negative press. We are here to serve our customers to the best of our ability and we are busy developing along with enhancing our products to benefit our existing/future subscribers. There are some things we need to fix in the next few months, and we felt to just give you the benefit of the doubt at this point.

To be clear, we acknowledge that there is one document (manual) that needs to be updated. The demos are current. Despite our shortage with the one document, we have been responsive to your emails, but on your end, we never received any details as to why the stack did not meet your expectations. In your reply about missing property names and properties, you never emailed us about that. It does not seem fair to already download the product and then ask for a refund even though the demos are current and that we are here to respond to any questions relating to our products. The demos usually are better to showcase the stacks than the documentation.

Furthermore, it would be better to see the entire context of the emails going back and forth instead of quoting just our responses. Anyhow, at this point, let’s just close the issue since you have been refunded. For all future purchasers, please email us or alert us if you have questions or if you feel the demo/documentation does not address what you are looking for before purchasing. Thank you and kind regards.


You are correct in that my first mail just asked about updated documentation only. I could not get the product to work and did not want to waste your time, if a answers (new docs) where available. I thought that support’s answer would question the problems I was having. Instead they pretty much said “, Our staff is quite busy with upgrading stacks and releasing a new theme in the next month” This just angered me, and prompted the refund request… I am thankful for the refund, and would be fine if you or Mr. Bennett have the means to delete this thread. I will offer no more entries…

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Great to see such detailed response and support. I for one have always thought of Yuzool as an innovative part of the Rapidweaver world and if the ‘hiccups’ are well in the past I will be delighted to see what they produce going forward. Kudos where it’s due!


Dear LJ,

Thank you for your kind words. We have a lot of work ahead of us. We also consider the rapidweaver community as an innovative community. If anyone wants to communicate ideas or suggestions to us for products that would benefit the community and increase the user base, that would be welcomed as well. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support

Hi Sydney,

I’m glad you got this sorted out before this became a major issue with others jumping in with complaints.

So far I’ve been impressed with your responses for support since you took this over.

I know you’ve got a lot on your plate being new to the RapidWeaver community, but keep up the good work.


Dear Mr. Bennett,

Thank you. I know I still have a lot to learn, but am committed to doing whatever I can. I appreciate your feedback and if you have more words of wisdom, please don’t hesitate to give me a ping. Kind regards,


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Yuzoolthemes remains my favourite go to themes and stacks. Michael is one of the finest developer, he is a creative genius. I am over the moon to see him back in full gear. Sending him much love.

I don’t think Michael is doing RapidWeaver stuff anymore.

Dear Mr. Bennett,

I am still working with Michael and he is with Yuzool, but at a diminished capacity currently. Kind regards.

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Will do. Kind regards!

Yes, he is. I received an email from him in August, which is the reason I wrote so emphatically about his work. I will upload the email.

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