Yuzool issues resolved?

Just wondering if all those with Yuzool complaints achieved resolution from @yuzool and/or @YuzoolSupport?

I know there was somebody who couldn’t unsubscribe from a stacks bundle subscription, and couldn’t get a refund. Was that refund ever issued?

There were other complaints as well, multiple complaints.

I got an email from @yuzool of a paid update to Yuzool’s Booking Stack, but I’m hesitant if old complaints still exist and refunds have not been made.

All @yuzool products have been removed from the RapidWeaver Community page. See https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons?developer=yuzoolthemes

This makes me think the old complaints are still unresolved.

I think it’s just the search/filerfunction isn’t working on that site.

The products are still there you just have to find them by searching by name:


And if you click on one it’s there.

Dear David,

We have been actively supporting each and every complaint. If you search the recent threads in the past month or so, we haveresponded to every question and issue presented to us as best as possible. Not sure why the search is not working, but all our products are still listed and updated within the rapidweaver community. Kind regards,

YuzoolThemes Support Team

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@dan ?

Should be working now.



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