Parallax Overlay (Joe Workman)

Hi there,

I’m using Parallax by Joe Workman. It all works fine accept:

  1. The Overlay function works BUT it lays over the content too. I don’t think it’s supposed to be that way. To solve this I added an overlay to the image via photoshop. Just wondering if there is another solution since sometimes I want to experiment with different shades.

  2. I removed all the margin around the paralax just to see if it properly borders with the containers above and below. But the content from both containers keeps lapping over the parallax stack. Of course I could just use margin and padding to fix this but I was looking for a more elegant solution considering that the padding/margin has to be set for mobile/ipad & desktop seperately.

  3. Because of the overlap the Parallax content doesnt center vertically.

As you might see I removed all the margin and padding. That is intentionally. I’m about to add it again. I use the foundation 6 framwork and my rapidweaver is up to date.

Here’s the site:

Thank you all in advance!



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