Problem with Parallax from Joe Workman

I’ve used Parallax with the Foundation Theme successfully before. However, I recently set up a copy of a production site, made to play with Parallax, and then moved a copy of one test page to the production site, When I did Parallax ruined the production page and the test page. The menu now shows as a bullet list and all graphic images below Parallax disappear. It’s weird.

I could understand the test page being trashed, but not both the test and production page. Even after I deleted the test page, the problem remained on the production page. I have deleted the Parallax stack and the re-installed it from my downloads and updated it. I Removed the Parallax stack from the production page, then reinserted it and the problem remains. I don’t get it. Is anyone else having problems?

Brian, It appears you are not alone, I have a similar issue and responded to RicoRoyal’s post (pasted below)

“The latest update of parallax 1.6.1 (7822) @joeworkman seems to break stacks that do not even include the parallax stack.
For example an animate stack (foundation stack) within a section pro stack. The animation is disabled, all the animated content is display at the same time and the background image is removed. Anyone else with this issue?
It is visible in preview as well as online. I removed the new parallax plugin and reinstalled the former version and everything is back to normal.”

Joe Workman has not been responding sense my sites have been messed up by the bad stack, (5 days) I did not notice the problem when I was updating until then, so this has been a bad situation for me and my business.

try installing an earlier version of Parallax if you have it.

Got busy with the holidays. This is first on my list today.


I ran into a problem with an old site that I had republished (after I updated the Parallax Stack) that didn’t seem to recognize the opacity that I had set for a Cover Body image - but only on mobile. Worked okay in desktop.
So I rolled back Parallax to an earlier version and that seems have done the trick.

If it’s helpful, here’s what I’m talking about. This version was published with Parallax version 1.6.2 installed.

and this is the exact same site republished after downgrading Parallax to 1.5.4

They both work fine on Desktop (frankly I only checked with Safari) but on my iPhone, the version published with the newer stack (1.6.2) shows the Cover Body image fully opaque - which, if you look at the site, doesn’t really work from a readability point of view.

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