Partials not displaying the background on different pages

I’m having trouble using partials.

I’m using Foundation 6 and creating a partial for my header and menu. the header has an image behind it. on some pages, I can see the header image and on other pages not. The sits styles are part of the partial.

I’m testing the site at

I can’t work out what this is?

Any help would be apreciated

Try deleting it and putting the partial back on the page.

Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately that didn’t work

try to republish all files…several files missing on those pages.

I have done the classic reset of the computer, then re-uploaded all the files. it seems to work now.

I had re-uploaded all the files on more than one occasion. The missing files are also replicated in rapid weaver. I think its a fault in RW.

Thanks for your help.

As long as it works!!

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