Password protect RW8

To anyone here

  • can i password protect RW8 and how ?
  • Is it possible to save a copy of RW8 in external harddrive (usb stick) or icloud ?
    and how do i do it ?


Do you mean password protect the application, RapidWeaver?

Or put a page on a website built in RapidWeaver which requires a password to access it?

Yes, you can certainly copy RapidWeaver to another device.

Why would you want to do that, Norman?

If you’d kindly give us more details, we ought to be able to help you!

Hello Mark,
Thank you for your kind reply.
yes is it possible to password protect the application it self, Rapidweaver8 ?

  • or is it possible to password protect the website that you are currently
    building with Rapidweaver8 ?
  • I notice the lock icon, i think is it beside the Preview Mode, what is it for ?


Norman, there are two ways that I would recommend of encrypting RW itself:

  1. Encrypto
  2. GPG Tools

Why do you want to do that, though?

I only ask because I’d hate to lead you up the wrong path and make things difficult in the future.

Generally speaking, if you have a legitimate and licensed copy of RW, it is self-standing and doesn’t need to be ‘locked’ or otherwise ‘protected’. I think we should be sure of exactly what you want before giving the wrong advice.

When you say that you (also?) want to password protect the website that you are building, do you mean - again - password the RW Project files at the Mac’s filesystem level? If so, either of the two apps above would help.

If you mean password protect a site or page in/of a site on a (remote) server that you want only certain users (who have the password) to be allowed to view them, then there are several Stacks and add-ons for RW developers which can be found and built into your project.

Good luck, Norman!

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